Runewood Corona Letter

Runewood Corona Letter

Runewood Corona Letter

Dear Friend,

We sincerely hope things are going well, despite the circumstances. These are hard times, and days may seem long and dark. However, we now see the first countries loosening up their restrictions and things are slowly getting back to normal. In Denmark, the children are finding their way back to school, and businesses are gradually letting their employees return to office. Summer is ahead of us, and a light is starting to shine at the end of the long tunnel.

This ongoing crisis has taken its toll on most people one way or the other, but with it positive aspects have been introduced. Children in India see the blue sky for the first time, in China fresh air fills the cities and dolphins have returned to the waters of Venice. This pandemic has made it clear, just how big an impact we humans have on the climate, and that just a few months of change can make wonders.

Once on the other side of this pandemic, one may hope we will all look back and learn from this. A lot of us live by a busy lifestyle, but over the last couple of months many of us have been forced to isolate which has resulted in a much slower paced way of living. It has given time to relax, find inner peace, and reflect over the things in life that truly matter.

At Runewood our core belief has always been that life is about spending time with the people we love and care for. To cherish the moments in the ‘now’ and share stories from the past, whilst getting inspired and feel excited about the future.

We believe our cabinet captures this core ideal, in its most simple way. Serve a nice glass of whisky, or mix your favorite cocktail to impress your friends, or simply give yourself a well-deserved break.

As a small company we have not much to give, but our thoughts and best wishes are sent your way. We would like to take a moment and present to you these cards. More than 10 years in the making, inspired by the Celts and the Irish way of living, they embody our appreciation of craftsmanship and history. May they be a symbol of the times ahead where people once again may gather and enjoy themselves in games, and in each other’s company. When laughter and cheers once again will fill the rooms of your bar and, and when stories once again may be shared.

We will be looking forward to visit your place of gathering when the winds shift. Until then we wish you the best of luck, and that things will turn for the better sooner rather than later.

Sincerely Nicholas & Josh


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