Who is Runewood?

Scandanavian minimalism and traditional materials presented with modern functional technology for the home.

Runewood was born and came to be, by the idea of creating an environment to bring people closer together. Runewood is a Danish-American design furniture company founded in 2016. The ambition of Runewood is to create original and timeless designs that speak to the Nordic style, atmosphere and culture.

In a busy society as today, it is our hope to offer a cool way to relax and enjoy the moment. Having our designs to be more than simple furniture, we aim to create unique experiences and ultimately spread the Danish hygge. Good stories are priceless, and are best shared with others. Therefore, at Runewood we strive to create designs not only worthy of a story, but also to be the center of where they are told.




Innovation & technology

At Runewood we aim to use technology to bring people closer, by integrating unique design features to enhance living spaces.

The Nordic feel, and touch is at the heart of our designs, which is brought to life with passionate engineering and an eye for detail.

It is our goal to be innovative, creative and to think new, though at the same time hold close the values of old. Natural materials combined with modern technology remind us of the past, whilst propelling us towards the future – keeping the spirit of the Danish design.

At the end of the day everyone should be able to enjoy a good glass, from their own personal bar. May it be cherished in pursuit of ends, or simply with good friends, we at Runewood will do our best, that whenever the moment comes it will be an experience.

Biography & History

Runewood was founded by three engineers and a designer with over a decade of experience from the green energy industry, along with a bit too much of a passion for wood, tech, and whisky. In 2016 - disappointed by the market offerings, we embarked on a mission of countless weekends. The mission: create a minimalist home bar cabinet of the highest quality using traditional and modern sustainable materials, which connected people in an intimate way, and was convenient to lock having vacation rental, children, and in-laws in mind. After a few compliments on the outcome, and a delighted sense from creating a piece which brought satisfaction, we decided to begin the journey of Runewood. We hope to build upon this platform over time, to integrate green energy and living in an elegant and pleasant form which is about more than just numbers, but about reminding all of the timelessness pure nature brings.


Geography & Production

The original Runewood fabrication stems from Hemmet by the Atlantic coast of Denmark, while the newest Runewood outpost is situated on the Gold coast of Connecticut in the US, just across the Atlantic. The designs are created and inspired in Denmark, and either produced in Hemmet, Denmark, or Norwalk, Connecticut where production takes place in our own premises.

Here we have the tools and technology to be able to develop and produce the furniture in it's entirety ourselves. We feel it is highly important to have the ability to control the entire process from raw timber to finished pieces in the best possible way, including being aware of how it affects the environment, make the most sustainable production, and make sure our team has the best working environment so they are enthusiastic about achieving nothing but the highest quality.

We also like to work with local craftsmen who have experience and passion, and who thrive by focusing on quality in the execution of their work.



Runewood is committed to protecting the planet that we are so privileged to exist upon in it’s near natural form. Being formed by a group of engineers and craftsmen from the hydrogen fueling industry, our passion to preserve the Earth is genuine. If we grow more trees than we use for our production, we’re using our proceeds to help preserve the planet. And we will feel a great deal of fulfillment by being a part of the entire process from growing healthy trees to delivering fine furniture and great experiences. This is why Runewood sources only FSC timber and commits 5% of our earnings to land protection and tree planting.