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I have found over the recent times, that many tipples that work perfectly on their own, will present itself in a new way, offering a different palate of taste, once you drop in some bubbles - whether it being tonic water, cava, champagne or soda, the concoction will open up to new experiences

This was also the case for today's serving, which I first sipped as is, then, in my everlasting search to enhance every tipple, poured in some crisp and citrus fresh tonic water - resulting in a different expression and palate, which really suited my sunny moment by my new wooden cabinet

Pictures does not justify how happy I am with this new Cabinet of mine (some of you might remember my stories about it, and the cool smartphone gadget option), and this was for sure a golden moment

This carefully executed engineering with a great eye for details, this @runewooddenmark cabinet combines new with old, and you instantly get this warm and good feeling just sitting by it. Solid oak, smoked glass and app-controlled lights and door, gives you a feeling of class and elegance - my kind of elements

To further enhance this feeling, I also reached for a new Italian Amaro I recently had the honor to try, based on a ancient family recipe, this Mentha amaro is really packing a complex, smooth, bold and rich elegant Amaro, that I can't wait to dig into further and discover new possibilities and palates

Allow me to share with you my,


4.5 cl Whisky (@bastillewhisky )
1.5 cl Amaro Mentha (@monicabuzio )
1.5 cl Yellow Chartreuse
1 Dash Aromatic Bitters (@thebittertruthcompany )
1 Dash Jerry D. Thomas Bitters
Top with classic Tonic Water (@swedishtonic )
Stir all except tonic water with plenty ice❄️
Strain into a chilled coupe over a large rock of clear ice💎
No Garnish but a jewel bug🐞
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