New cabinet model out now! Rich textured back panel now available.
Handmade in Connecticut! Including German and Danish components.

Runewood in NJ!

Runewood in NJ!
We are highly excited to annouce that beginning today, our Elixir Vault bar cabinet - Baldur Organic Oak model is available in New Jersey at Opdyke Furniture in lovely Point Pleasant by the sea! This is the first retail availability of our cabinet in the US outside of our factory showroom in Norwalk, Connecticut. The Baldur smart bar cabinet is the perfect installation for a living room with a beach view! We also want to share that the newest Runewood app version is now available on the app stores. This supports our newest electronic features such as the double servo latch system, fading internal LED lights, and button feedback LED indicators. We would love to hear what you think, and would be glad together with the staff at Opdyke to answer any questions you may have, so please inquire.
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