Runewood news Sept 2021

Runewood news Sept 2021

A confluence for Runewood is occurring in September! By some means, we have managed to have 5 important milestones occur within the last week of September 2021. If it wasn’t for all of the work that made for us, it would have been easier to post this news some weeks ago 😉. To begin, we have installed our new redesigned Baldur cabinet in a lovely house in Gladsaxe where the residents have been nice enough to grant us access for pictures and video. This is by far the best video we have ever made, and will be showing on our website in the coming days. We feel we are finally able to express the quality and passion in our cabinets to the world. That leads us to the next big milestone, being we have a shiny new website to showcase our products and make life easier for managing sales in different countries. We hope you like it! The third milestone is the honor of presenting our cabinet on an international stage at a premier events in Paris and London along with Stauning Whisky, wow! Fourth we will launch a major new product, our Atlantic desk. This desk is our expression of how one could feel while working on something they love. Finally, we will open our location in Norwalk Connecticut where New Yorkers and those from the surrounding regions can come and shop in our showroom while observing how we build our products.

Thanks for being patient, we hope to see all of you at either Stauning Whisky Denmark, Whisky Live Paris, The Whisky Show London, or South Norwalk Connecticut in the US!


Cheers from Runewood!

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