Runewood has been named to honour the pioneers of the land who overcame harsh conditions against all odds, fought the opposition, and all the while respected the Earth and sky, continuing to advance their way of life. Runestones were an early form of communication and sharing of stories in the very distant days of old in Scandinavia. Wood has been the cornerstone material for building homes, ships, and fabricating tools for millenniums past. It has further been the magical characterizer and curator of spirits by barrel aging for more than 2000 years. The very oak which has been traditionally used for it’s structural and anti-bacterial properties, is still used for the flavors and essence it translates into the great spirits of Scotland, France, and nearly all of the other spirit regions of the Earth. The Vikings have sailed across the waters to the west during the first millennium to trade, contend, and live with their neighbors in what is now the United Kingdom and Ireland, and in this dance they have affected eachother’s worlds positively, carrying their knowledge and goods back and forth over the harsh waters of Vesterhavet. For these reasons, we have chosen to combine the Scandinavian “Rune”, with the English “wood” to form our name.


All of our pieces are designed and made in Denmark. One of our core values is to preserve and advance the state of Danish craftsmanship such that we can continue to be proud of the way in which we elevate ourselves from where our ancestors left off. One of the greatest thrills of building fine products is the spark from collaboration with our friends in nearby cities who produce some of our elements. We also hold in the highest regard, respect for the environment and for the people who perform their work in an ethical manner. For this reason, every possible element of our business and production takes place in Denmark or nearby, or is otherwise evaluated for solid ethics as a criteria for cooperation.

Runewood is committed to protecting the planet that we are so privileged to exist upon in it’s near natural form. Being formed by a group of engineers and craftsmen from the hydrogen fueling industry, our passion to preserve the Earth is genuine. If we grow more trees than we use for our production, we’re using our proceeds to help preserve the planet. And we will feel a great deal of fulfillment by being a part of the entire process from growing healthy trees to delivering fine furniture and great experiences. This is why Runewood commits 5% of our revenue to land protection and tree planting.


Runewood Denmark

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