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Handmade in Connecticut! Including German and Danish components.

12 deg Profile Cutting Board - iPad Groove

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Capture the images of your culinary artistry that help your work stand out with the best. Made from a beautiful solid single piece of white oak. This unique cutting board comes from the finest stock and is oiled with an FDA grade finish. 12 degree parallel edges with finely curved corners create the ability to adjust perspective for the best shots or presentation to guests.

Watch your favorite cooking videos right next to where you cook and chop, on the side of your board! A perfect groove for holding your tablet is cut into the back edge of this solid wood board so you can improve your technique in real time. The groove also functions as a run-off for juices. A deeper portion of the groove keeps the juices seperated from your tablet, or works for tablets without a cover.

Keep the little ones entertained while eating so you can enjoy that meal you worked so hard to cook. Bring this board to the pizza shop or restaurant to make life easier when dining with the kids. Heavy construction means it won't tip during the meal and create a disaster.

Real wood grain will give slightly different results with each piece created.


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15.75 x 10 x 1.13in thick.

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