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Elixir Vault Series - Premium Wireless Model

Baldur is a secure home bar for the finest in your collection, which are naturally deserving of a proper display. A bit of Scandinavian James Bond style technology woven into the design enhances the experience of savoring the most paragon of spirits. Materials of hand-selected solid heavy white oak, hand stitched Danish leather, smoked glass, and precision machined billet aluminum combine fluidly in this elegant presentation cabinet. With integrated app-controlled lights, your favorite spirits will illuminate the surroundings like the Norse God, Balder himself. The slender glass window gives just a glimpse of the contents to enhance the anticipation. Finally, a touch of the button on the Runewood app gently opens the door which now functions as your bar for serving and tasting.

Savor a drink together with someone unique in a way only possible at a Runewood finely crafted bar.

Baldur is designed to go where a full bar can't, and to hide away when requested. In a studio apartment, cabin or tiny house, even in the bedroom, and in the office are all possibilities with this design. Keep the children safe, your treasures private, and rental guests honest, with seemless electronic locking.

In our newest 2023 rendition, rich fine grained inlays are positioned evenly across the cabinet back symbolizing the 7 continents and the 7 seas of the Earth. A small viking long ship is engraved in billet aluminum between the lands at the center hinting at the interminginling of cultures over the seas from the distant past, which brought us into the present.

If you wish to have the contents of the cabinet be completely discreet, we can install a fully dark window upon request that will keep the cabinet contents hidden, whatever you may choose to keep inside...

Product Details

 Materials Solid Hand-Selected White Oak, Precision Machined Billet Aluminum, Hand Stitched Leather, Smoked and Tempered Glass
Finish Quality coating which gently accentuates the grain and withstands abuse, choose between: Barrel Black, Winter White, Organic Oak, or a custom finish of your choice. Organic Oak is very close to oak in it's natural form.
Capacity Houses up to 12 fine spirits, a pair of decanters, and 6 glasses
Features Lockable: 6-digit password, automatic opening, bluetooth controlled by phone or tablet, internal lights, bluetooth bypass with internal switch and external buttons.
Warranty 2 years
Dimensions Length: 105cm (41.3in) Height: 44cm (17.3in) Depth: 24cm (9.5in)
Weight 22kg (49lb)


Finishing to Match a Custom Build

We offer an unfinished exterior option to enable finishing to match a custom home build. Please choose unfinished exterior if this matches your need. In this case, we will clear finish the interior of the cabinet when it is built, and leave the exterior unfinished so that your local carpenter can match the finish as you home or office is built.

50in Length Special Edition

A special edition 50 inch length version is available and has been commissioned. This increases the compartment length at each end by 4 inches to provide additional area for prized spirits. The middle section keeps the same dimensions. These 50in units are not stocked and can take up to 14 weeks for delivery. If desired, select this option in the menu during ordering.

Installation Specifics

The Baldur Elixir Vault can be hung on the wall using two included lag screws or a french cleat depending upon the specifics of your wall. A french cleat is required if the lag screws can not be anchored directly into stone or wood according to the installation drawing. A french cleat is required in this case in order to spead the load to a larger area of the wall and reach the points where the wood studs are located within the wall.

If an electrical outlet is not available directly behind the cabinet, a solid oak cord cover can be provided by Runewood to be placed under the cabinet. This will allow the cord to be run down to an outlet or to the floor while out of sight covered by a finished piece of oak to match the cabinet. Please make a note at check out and we will provide the solution.

Installation by Runewood

Runewood offers free delivery and $599 installation in the area between NYC and Boston including all of Connecticut, we also offer this service for Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties in California, and we offer the same in Denmark for 3750DKK. This is possible since we are able to travel to these locations and perform the installation within a single day. Outside of these areas, we offer to find and contract a local contractor to handle the installation for our customers.

If you are located near these areas, for example Southern Sweden, Northern Germany, Southern New York, or New Jersey please contact us and we can make arrangements by planning a group of installations together.

Shipping Information

Currently we offer free shipping and $599 installation within the NYC / Boston area, and 3750DKK in Denmark.

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