Norwalk Artisan Chair

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The Norwalk chair was designed to feel familiar and fluid like the sea. This chair will take you to the ocean šŸŒŠ in your mind no matter where you are in the world. Built properly in the traditional fashion of Connecticut carpentry āš’ļø, it's a piece to treasure šŸ’Ž for a lifetime šŸ•°.


Made from solid oak, and genuine hand sewn premium leather with ultra quality foam in the cushions. Each piece of wood is hand built and hand laid for assembly. The joinery is exquisite and hand fitted for unmatched rigidity balanced with minimal appearance.

Come by our South Norwalk showroom and try the pair, we know you will fall in love.

Designed and built by Lukasz Czyz, a classic perfectionist.

Very limited quantities available. Up to 16 weeks for delivery depending upon stock.