Does Runewood offer delivery service?

We at Runewood will do our best to get our cabinets delivered to any reasonable location in the world upon agreement. We will gladly hand deliver your Elixir Vault cabinet in the NYC / Boston area, Denmark, Northern Germany, and Southwestern Sweden. If you would like a personal delivery and set-up, we will do our best to make arrangements. Please send us a message with your request.

Where is Runewood located?

Our locations, where all final production takes place, are located in Hemmet, Denmark and South Norwalk, Connecticut. It is possible to arrange a showing of our products within Denmark and the surrounding regions as well as in Norwalk CT.

What is the return policy at Runewood?

From an online purchase, you have 14 days of return right, counting from the day you received the delivery. For a purchase made in a physical store, you have 14 days of return right, from the day of purchase. For futher details on Runewoods return policy please send us an e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I come visit Runewood

It is possible to visit us at our South Norwalk location in CT, and to see our products at Faaborg Design in Denmark. Our products are also sold at Opdyke furniture in Point Pleasant, NJ and Destination Haus in Wesport, CT. Feel free to send us an e-mail and we will be happy to arrange a meeting, at which we can showcase our products.

Does my wife (or children) have access to the cabinet?

No, that is the whole idea… Unfortunately, she can install the app, link her device to your cabinet, use your password and then yes, you both may be in the situation where you will be enjoying a glass of whisky together. The kids will just have to wait until they're old enough and you're in a good mood to share with them.

What if I forget my password?

In case you forget your password, the password may be reset from within the app.

My wife closed the cabinet, and now my phone is locked inside, what do I do?

After telling her to leave your stuff alone, use her phone (or another device), install the app from app-store, and open it as you normally would. Then calm the nerves with a drink.

How long does it take to receive my Runewood cabinet after ordering

At Runewood we do our best to ship your cabinet within 6 weeks. Due to potential order backlogs, delivery time can be up to 12 weeks. We can quote the delivery time once your order is placed. If you wish to cancel your order after checking the delivery time, you may do so. However, we believe the quality of the experience of owning a Runewood cabinet is well worth the wait.

How does Runewood ensure sustainability?

At Runewood, our policy is to support planting trees at a rate sufficient to support our production. We endeavor to own and protect forests and natural habitats wherever we sell our products. Upholding this principle and policy is of utmost importance to us at Runewood.

How much weight can the door of a Runewood cabinet hold?

The door of one of our standard cabinets, with the door opening to serve as a bar, can hold enough weight to function nicely as a bar, but not enough for someone to sit on the door when open. A cabinet ordered with customization can be made to support increased weight if desired.

How are Runewood cabinets made?

The components of a Runewood cabinet are machined to high precision in Denmark and in Connecticut. Then the cabinets are hand-assembled, tested, and otherwise checked to ensure the highest quality as would be expected of a luxury Danish brand.

Does Runewood offer customization of cabinets or fully customized cabinet designs?

Absolutely, we at Runewood really enjoy design and strive for customer satisfaction. Some of the best projects are one-off customizations. However, we of course are limited in our resources and one-off’s generally eliminate production efficiencies to varying degrees. As a result, lead times and prices will increase considerably with customization.

Can Runewood stock a cabinet with specialized and high-end spirits as part of the sale?

We are happy to stock the cabinet with spirits, glasses, and bar tools as we aim to be specialists in the selection of these elements for a completely authentic Runewood experience. A fully stocked cabinet can make a truly unique and memorable gift for your spouse, friend, or business associate. You are sure to be appreciated when you give the gift of Runewood.

Can my Runewood cabinet be opened without my phone?

Yes! All Runewood cabinets are fitted with a bypass switch inside the cabinet. By flipping the position of this switch, a pair of external buttons can be used to activate the lighting and the door. By reverting the internal bypass switch to the “protect” position, your cabinet can again only be opened by your mobile phone along with the correct password.

Does Runewood have a Privacy Policy?

Absolutely, Runewood does not store any information other than that required for transactions. Privavcy is of the utmost importance for Runewood and our customers, it’s part of our core business. All information is received, stored, and managed in compliance with GDPR.

What are Runewood's terms and conditions?

Runewood is headquartered in Hemmet, Denmark and conducts business in accordance with Danish and EU laws and regulations. Runewood also has an outpost in South Norwalk, CT where we conduct business in accordance with CT and US regulations.