Cabinet Control Unit for Smart Cabinet

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Replacement part for Elixir Vault Series Cabinet. Also, convert any household cabinet or wardrobe into a smart phone secured unit. This control unit combined with the Runewood latch unit will connect to Android and Apple phones and open on command. Keep clothes, wine, jewelry, electronics, kitchen specialty items, or any desired valuables secured. AirBnB guests, roomates, children, mother-in-laws, and siblings won't have access to the contents without the mobile code.

Circuit board is manufactured in Denmark. Power supply is manufactured in Japan.

This item includes (1) control unit with power supply and wiring connection diagram. Latch units and receivers sold seperately.

Control unit mounted by (4) included M2 screws. Power supply mounted by (2) included M2 screws. Standard servo wire can be used to connect control board to latch units.

Control unit, latch unit, and latch receiver complete the set. Up to (2) latches can be coupled to a control unit for double doors, multiple doors, and for large doors. Push button control, and switch bypass for lock are configurable. LED lights can also be coupled and activated by the controller through a mobile device or local push button.

 Length 95
Width 85
Height 25 mm